Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm Weekends Nov 24 - Dec 23, 2019

A desination spot on the North Fork and Vineyard tours, Santa's Christmas Tree Farm is open April through January. Owned and operated by the Edson Family, our first plantings were put in 1979 on approximately 23 acres of farmland. Each year new plantings are planted for a rotation growth. All trees are sprayed for insects and diseases and are sheared annually to encourage a pleasing shape and density.
Cut Your Own Tree

The “choose your own tree and cut it” is a very popular idea in many parts of the United States. Because of the cost of land on Long Island, it is almost non-existent. Make it a fun experience and come back again. We have no intention of selling the land and hope that someday your children will bring their children to Santa's Christmas Tree Farm. For More INFO CLICK HERE